Pantex and the Y-12 National Security Complex are hotbeds for the advancement of science and technology. The scope of our research and development has widened from a single-focus World War II defense mission to a plethora of capabilities to address today’s nuclear security challenges.

In meeting the country’s evolving nuclear security needs, Pantex and Y-12 have developed unique skills and acquired a wealth of experience that benefit the nation and world. Our expertise in science-based stockpile stewardship, precision manufacturing, applied technology and the handling of nuclear materials has spurred scientific research and sparked technical innovation.

To foster innovation, we’ve partnered with other sites in the Nuclear Security Enterprise, universities, government agencies and the private sector, and we continue to commercialize the award-winning technologies our scientists and researchers develop.

Forming partnerships with universities and industries for applied research and the advancement of technology is key to our technology development and commercialization efforts. Partnerships lead to better solutions, increased savings and faster commercialization of technologies we develop.

Pantex and Y-12 innovation (since 2010)
  • 350 invention disclosures
  • 55+ patent applications
  • 45+ patents issued
  • 45+ commercial and
    federal intellectual property
    and research agreements
  • 5 R&D 100 Awards

Click the photos below to check out some of the Pantex research capabilities and technologies.

Additive Manufacturing
Microfocus Radiography
Wind Farm