How We Buy

As a prime contractor for the Department of Energy, our primary objective is to deliver to its customer on a timely basis those best value products and services necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Government's contract. Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC Procurement Department has the sole responsibility and authority to procure products and services on behalf of Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC.

The majority of dollars spent under $150,000 are evaluated on a competitive basis. We will consider all proposals submitted in writing, facsimile, or by telephone that are received prior to the acceptance deadline. In most cases, a written purchase order will not be issued to the successful offeror. In most cases, purchase orders may be placed by phone with no confirming order issued.

Purchases over $150,000 are competitively solicited under a formal written solicitation. As a general rule, awards are made to the lowest priced -- technically acceptable offer or to the offeror determined to represent the best value to Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC and the Government. However, in some instances it may be determined that only one source can provide the product or service that best meets our requirements.

We may award a contract based on the initial offer received without discussion. Therefore, your first offer should contain your best terms from both a cost and a technical standpoint. In more complex transactions, other factors may be considered such as experience and past performance, technical expertise, and life cycle costing in addition to proposed price.

Solicitations are generally issued through the Procurement Department. From time to time solicitations are advertised on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

Our procedures are intended to facilitate the:

  • Acquisition of quality products and services at fair and reasonable prices; Use of capable and reliable subcontractors who either;
  • Have track records of successful past performance, or
  • Can demonstrate a current superior ability to perform;
  • Minimization of acquisition lead-time and administrative costs of purchasing;
  • Use of effective competitive techniques;
  • Reduction of performance risks associated with subcontractors, and facilitation of quality relationships, which can include techniques such as partnering agreements, ombudsmen, and alternative disputes procedures;
  • Use of self-assessment and benchmarking techniques to support continuous improvement in purchasing;
  • Maintenance of the highest professional and ethical standards;
  • Maintenance of file documentation appropriate to the value of the purchase and which is adequate to establish the propriety of the transaction and the price; and
  • Maximization of opportunities for small, small disadvantaged, small women-owned, HUBZone small, veteran-owned small, and service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses.