Notices to Suppliers

Note to CNS subcontractors and suppliers during COVID-19 situation

Dear Subcontractors and Suppliers of Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC:

The Pantex Plant and Y-12 National Security Complex remain open and operating during normal business hours. These sites have the responsibility to provide essential products and services to meet national security commitments to the federal government and the U.S. military. We have an obligation to continue delivering this mission and maintaining normal work schedules unless otherwise directed by the leaders of the nation. Our suppliers and vendors that aide us in the delivery of our mission are mission critical and essential.

During this time of severe global supply chain disruptions, CNS is asking our subcontractors and suppliers to ensure effective communications occur regarding any impacts the current COVID-19 situation may have on the delivery of orders or services provided to CNS either onsite or offsite.

For onsite services or deliveries, CNS asks subcontractors and suppliers to do the following actions to reduce risk to both your personnel and ours:

  • Practice social distancing when practical, but ensure safety and security are not impeded.
  • If your contract allows for alternate work locations and doing so would not impact your deliverables, confirm with your Subcontract Technical Representative (STR) and Procurement Representative (PR) whether the approach is viable.
  • Unless it is a severe illness that occurs onsite, subcontractor personnel are not to use the CNS clinic and should report to their Primary Care Physician if they feel ill. (Any emergencies or injuries with subcontractor personnel on the Y-12 or Pantex sites that would normally require visiting the clinic are allowed.)
  • If any onsite subcontractor personnel becomes ill and is either confirmed or suspected of coronavirus, please notify the STR and PR immediately.
    • DO NOT provide any personally identifiable information that would violate privacy laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
    • DO provide case information (confirmed or suspected) so we can thoroughly clean affected locations and alert potentially exposed individuals.
  • Please follow the most current CDC guidelines for personnel returning from foreign and domestic travel. CNS is exploring whether we will require a medical health assessment for any subcontractor personnel before allowing them to re-enter either site.
  • In the meantime, we strongly encourage all subcontractors to work with your occupational medical provider to take appropriate caution for travelers.

For offsite work, CNS is not currently suspending any orders or work. If a scenario arises where we limit operations, each subcontractor and supplier will be notified whether any temporary pauses or suspensions are needed.

We will keep you informed as the situation changes. Please direct any questions or concerns to the STR or PR listed in your order/contract.

Very Respectfully,

Jason Eaton
Senior Director, Supply Chain Management

Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC values the business and trust of the suppliers and subcontractors that provide materials and services for the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and the Pantex Pant in Amarillo, Texas. CNS is committed to promoting ethical business behavior.

2019 Ethics Letter

Differing Professional Opinions Process
CNS is committed to ensuring that all subcontractor employees know they are free to raise Environmental, Safety & Health technical concerns without fear of intimidation, reprisal or retaliation.

DPO Process Notification

Fraudulent Quote Requests/Purchase Order E-Mail Activity

The CNS Supply Chain Management department wants to alert suppliers to an active email scam involving request for quotations and issuance of purchase orders that purport to originate from CNS but are in fact fraudulent. While CNS cannot prevent this illegal activity, we want to inform our supplier community and promote awareness of such events.

We can share some common traits or themes of these fraudulent emails that may help reduce risk to your company in becoming a financial victim of this scam:

  • The email message may be poorly written, with misspellings and awkward sentence structure.
  • The senders email address is not the same as CNS standard email address domain. The email address domain for Y-12:, for Pantex:
  • The message and purchase order requests shipment/delivery of products to non-CNS facilities.
  • The message will include an attachment that is designed to look like a purchase order, and includes a logo or other graphic, and a signature that may look legitimate.

The message and/or purchase order may even include a signature that looks legitimate, representing one of our management team or buyers.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent email that appears to be from CNS, please forward the message to Y-12's Procurement Department, or Pantex's Procurement Department, in order to verify its legitimacy before responding to the e-mail or fulfilling the order. CNS will not be responsible for invoices for products ordered under this scam.

Suppliers should also contact their local law enforcement if they suspect that they are a victim of this scam. If you have received confirmation that the email is fraudulent, you may also file a complaint directly with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. The IC3 is a partnership between the FBI and National White Collar Crime Center.