Suspect / Counterfeit Items

​Of paramount concern to Pantex is assurance that items and services provided to the Plant strictly conform to the requirements set forth in the Purchase Orders and Contracts. The emergence of a global economy increases opportunities for unintentional distribution of potentially defective, misrepresented, and counterfeit products. As a supplier to Pantex, you are our first line of defense. When you receive information that a product you have supplied to Pantex is potentially defective, subject to a product recall, possibly misrepresented with respect to its intended use or claims of technical specification compliance, or counterfeit, please notify Pantex immediately. Notification should be provided to the Pantex Procurement Department.

For your information, this page provides links to various Internet web pages that you should consider as sources of additional information concerning defective and misrepresented products. We request that you periodically review these sources to identify issues you may wish to address with Pantex and your other customers.

This page also provides information concerning Pantex's current issues and activities related to product recalls and suspect, misrepresented, or counterfeit products.

Web Page links

Current Activities
When suspect/counterfeit items are furnished through Purchase Orders or Contracts and found on the Pantex Site, Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC shall impound such items. The seller shall promptly replace such items with items acceptable to CNS and the Seller shall be liable for all costs relating to impoundment, removal, and replacement. CNS may turn such items over to the U. S. Office of the Inspector General for investigation and reserves the right to withhold payment for the suspect items pending the results of the investigation.