Visiting Us

Pantex plays an integral role in our nation’s nuclear defense. We have some of the most stringent security in the world, and we only host invited visitors. Before your visit, your Pantex host or contact will make arrangements for you with Access Control. Review security and safety information, and required forms and clearance levels with your host or contact.

Getting Here

Pantex is located approximately 30 miles east of Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle. Allow 30 minutes driving time. A map and parking directions, and other important information is available in the Pantex Visitor Guide.

Our area does occasionally get inclement weather, so check the forecast before you leave. If there is a possibility Pantex may be closed because of weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, call 806.477.3000 to check the plant operational status.

Entry Requirements

Identification and/or Citizenship Requirements
When you arrive for your visit, please be prepared to provide two forms of government identification such as your driver's license or U.S. passport when you check in with Visitor Services. If you are an uncleared visitor — meaning you do not hold a federal security clearance - two forms of identification must be provided prior to being issued a visitor badge. The first form of identification is a government-issued photo ID. The second form is proof of U.S. citizenship. The following forms of citizenship are accepted:

  • Current U.S. passport or passport card
  • Certified birth certification issued by the city, county, or state of birth
  • Certification of birth abroad or certification of report of birth issued by the Department of State
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
  • Documented proof of citizenship through a Department of Energy recognized database

Access will be denied or delayed until acceptable identity documentation is provided.

Once all of these procedures and paperwork are complete, access to the Complex will be granted and you can begin your visit.

If you have any questions, contact Personnel Security at 806.477.3909

Prohibited and Controlled Articles

Medical personal electronic devices
Visitors reporting to the Pantex Plant who require the use of Medical Personal Electronic Device (s), will need prior approval before entering any areas of the plant (JCDC, LA, PA, and MAA). Refer to the Medically Necessary Item Allowance Procedure. If hosting a visitor, please ensure that use of any Personal Device is disclosed. A PX-6390 will need to be completed. (Reference: MNL-352286) If you have further questions, contact Clint Olson or refer to the Prohibited and Controlled Articles link provided.

Devices with camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities are strictly prohibited from use at Pantex. The capabilities on the devices must be disabled when removed from personal vehicles on plant site.

Review the complete list of prohibited and controlled items. All activities involving controlled articles will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Shoe Policy

Appropriate footwear is an essential aspect of safety at Pantex. It is an industrial site with a variety of walking and working surfaces. Proper footwear will reduce the probability of an injury while on our site and during tours, and your Pantex host or contact is responsible for ensuring you adhere to the policy.

  • Heel height 2.5 inches or less, as measured at back of the heel
  • Heel width (side to side) .5 inch or more as measured at the tread surface
  • Foot fully enclosed
  • Non-skid soles shall be of sufficient thickness to prevent penetration

Footwear such as sandals, flip flops, rubber sandals, open-toed, and high heels (greater than 2.5 inches in height and heel less than .5-inch diameter or width) shall not be worn in Pantex facilities.

Additional footwear requirements are defined for entry into specific facilities or areas. Designated office spaces, including the John C. Drummond Center, are excluded from this policy.

Vehicle Safety Requirements

If you are required to drive a vehicle or operate company equipment during your visit to Pantex, you are responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle/equipment. Drivers are required to:

  • Have a valid driver’s license (commercial, if applicable).
  • Ensure that required appropriate training has been completed for any vehicles or equipment operated.
  • Use seat belts. They are mandatory in all vehicles and equipment.
  • Operate motor vehicles in a safe manner according to applicable Federal, state, and local ordinances, laws, and regulations, including Texas Rules of the Road, traffic controls, posted signs, pavement markings, and other applicable requirements.
  • Utilize a spotter when possible, especially when backing into any area that does not provide clear visual access.

Speed Limits
Comply with the following speed limits unless posted otherwise:

  • FM 2373 entering Pantex property – 75 mph
  • Interior roadways – 20 to 50 mph dependent on location
  • Parking areas – 15 mph

Motor Vehicle Safety: Cell Phones and Electronic Devices
Personnel MAY NOT use cellular telephones or portable electronic devices while operating a vehicle:

  • If the vehicle, phone, or device is owned, leased, or rented by the company/U.S. government.
  • If the vehicle is personally owned and you are onsite or offsite at a company leased/owned facility.
  • While conducting company business – regardless of vehicle or location.

This includes hands-free and Bluetooth devices. Portable Electronic Devices include e-readers, MP3 players, netbooks, tablets, and laptop computers.

These requirements apply to CNS employees, subcontractors, vendors, and visitors.

Vehicle Accidents
Report all incidents in government owned and privately owned vehicles that occur on-site or during business-related travel by calling the Plant Shift Superintendent at 806-477-5000.