Visitor Training

PX-5435, Visitor Training Matrix, will help invited visitors identify the training requirements for general plant visits, meetings, etc. PX-5436, Contractor Training Matrix, identifies the training required for persons performing work or services at Pantex.

For your convenience, some courses are available to read before your visit. Additional training may be needed depending on job and/or facility requirements.

Bring completed training completion forms (PX-3864s) with you when you arrive to the Plant. Faxed forms are often illegible and are NOT acceptable. If a social security number is entered on the form, the form should be handled as Official Use Only, and if emailed to the Plant, the email should be encrypted.

Visitors with NNSA-recognized clearances
Pantex Orientation (Course #603.24) is required for all cleared Plant visitors and must be renewed every five years. Once you have read Course #603.24, print and complete the PX-3864 Training Completion form.

Subcontractors and Uncleared Visitors
Subcontractor/Uncleared Visitor Training (Course #553.05, Information Pack) is required for all uncleared visitors and Pantex Plant contractors, and must be renewed annually. Once you have read the course, print and complete the PX-3864 Subcontractor/Uncleared Visitor Training Completion form.

The CNS Annual Security Refresher Course 66.09 is also required for all cleared subcontractors. Contact your Site Technical Representative for information on how to receive 66.09.

The Identification and Protection of UCNI / OUO / CUI at Facilities External to CNS briefing is required for all personnel who do not possess an L clearance or higher and who will be handling CNS UCNI/OUO/CUI information that is government sensitive information and must be protected properly. This training is required to be completed every two (2) years if still handling UCNI/OUO/CUI information after the initial briefing period. Once you have read and understand the briefing, print and complete the Information Protection Acknowledgement Agreement form, present it to your STR representative and e-mail a copy to, 865.241.4995.

Pantex Essential Training Test-Out Study Guides
Please be aware of our testing policy:
  • You may NOT use your notes/study guides while taking the test
  • Passing score for each test is 80%; score(s) below 80% will require attending the classroom training upon arrival

Once you have studied the materials and are prepared to take the test, contact your Pantex POC. You may also contact the Visitor/Contractor Training Officer at 806.477.3603 or 806.477.4878.

Study Guides:

Visitor/Contractor Training Officers
806.477.3603 or 806.477.4878