Community Outreach

Giving back to the community has always mattered to Pantexans. The Pantex Christmas Project has helped local families since 1956. From engaging with the United Way and our annual Pantex Day of Volunteering, to hosting the U.S. Department of Energy's Regional Science Bowl competitions for middle and high schoolers, Pantexans still make a significant impact locally.

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1959 - Christmas Card Committee
1959 - Christmas Card Committee
1960 - Amarillo United Way
1970 - Area Leaders Visit Pantex
1982 - Community Outreach Activities
1985 - Atomic Energy Merit Badge Month
1973 - United Way Awards
1985 - Christmas Card Committee
1985 - Christmas Card Committee
1985 - Christmas Card Committee
Circa 2000 - Regional Science Bowl
2019 - WOWW Nitrogen Demo at Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

A deeper dive into the history of the Christmas Project

Christmas Project (3:34)

The Pantex Christmas Card Project was born in 1955. A group of Pantex employees who had always exchanged Christmas Cards among themselves decided they wanted to use the money they had been spending on cards to help families in need. When the Project first started, only one or two families were helped. Through the years, this number has grown to as many as 75 families (175 children).

Many of the requested items are necessities like clothes, shoes, and diapers. The parents are struggling to keep up as their little ones keep growing.

These little ones are no different from any others. Children love to play and playing helps development and brings families closer together. Taking care of baby dolls fosters loving attitudes toward others. Playing with trucks and cars helps kids learn about their world through imagination. Bikes are a great way to encourage kids to play outside. And studies have shown even video games improve eye hand coordination.

The Christmas Project remains today an all-volunteer organization, supported by employees and management of Pantex Plant. The Project raises funds year round. Besides monies donated by individuals, events such as Supermarket Giveaway, Pecan Sales, and Book Sales provide a large portion of their funding.