Pantex, Y-12 Teams Recognized by NNSA Defense Programs

  • Posted: Monday, January 27, 2020, 10:33 am

AMARILLO, Texas – Thirteen Consolidated Nuclear Security project teams representing more than 570 employees were recognized recently by the National Nuclear Security Administration for their work supporting the national security missions of the Pantex Plant and Y-12 National Security Complex.

In presentations at Pantex and Y-12, the teams were each recognized with a 2018 NNSA Defense Programs Award of Excellence. The awards were established in 1982 to recognize individual and team accomplishments from across the nuclear weapons complex in support of NNSA’s nuclear weapons program.

Four of the teams were based at Pantex, and nine were based at Y-12.

“It’s really important that we get out, and we see the work this complex can do. Here at Pantex, it’s nothing short of amazing,” NNSA Acting Assistant Deputy Administrator for Stockpile Management John Evans told employees at Pantex. “That plaque on the wall that all roads come to Pantex, that’s true. The important thing though is the capabilities that are embodied in you all allow for the weapons to go out of Pantex. Without your expertise and dedication and devotion to your jobs, those weapons don’t go out of Pantex. They don’t come back for repairs, and they don’t leave in a way that they can be part of the deterrent.”

NNSA Assistant Deputy Administrator for Stockpile Management Dr. Mark Suriano congratulated Y-12 employees in a similar ceremony at Y-12.

“Dr. [Charles] Verdon and the Defense Programs leadership understand the value and impact from all of the personnel at Y-12 as you execute our national security mission. We know the teams we recognize today are representative of the quality, productivity, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Going through the accomplishments of your award winners is awe inspiring. The innovation and forward thinking has helped the Nuclear Security Enterprise to be better postured for the current modernization of our entire stockpile.”

The projects recognized are listed below:


  • B61-12 Pit Requalification First Production Unit
  • CoLOSSIS II Startup
  • Joint NA-10/NA-22 Warhead Measurement Campaign: B61, B83, W76 Measurements
  • Quality Evaluation Requirements Tracking System Record of Assembly Verification


  • Enriched Uranium Strategic Material Model Deployment
  • Environmental Room Control Upgrades
  • Modulated Tool Path Development & Integration
  • Down-Blend Offering for Tritium Program Development
  • B61-12 CSA FPU Early Delivery
  • 50 + 10 Study
  • B83 Dismantlement Equipment Maintenance and Schedule Recovery
  • Deployment of Production Capabilities
  • Lithium Chemical Specification Change


Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS) operates the Pantex Plant, located in Amarillo, Texas, and the Y-12 National Security Complex, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, under a single contract for the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration. Pantex and Y-12 are key facilities in the U.S. Nuclear Security Enterprise, and CNS performs its work with a focus on the absolute priorities of safety, security, quality, mission delivery and cost efficiency.

For more information on each site, visit or Follow Pantex on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Follow Y-12 on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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