Armstrong targets collaboration, community in new role

  • Posted: Friday, October 13, 2023, 9:24 am

Incoming Pantex Field Office Manager Jason Armstrong
Incoming Pantex Field Office Manager Jason Armstrong has a lot on his plate but also every confidence in the men and women alongside whom he serves

Among the hundreds of names representing all the new faces at Pantex in recent months, one stands out. What makes this name unique isn’t the name itself but rather the title that comes with it: NNSA Pantex Field Office manager.

“Pantex has always been highly capable, efficient, and has been doing great work,” said Jason Armstrong, reflecting on the job before him.

Armstrong’s dress is a touch on the informal side. Indeed, little about the man points to his recent leadership of a workforce of some 4,000 people or the billion-plus annual budget he oversaw as the Savannah River Field Office Manager at Aiken, South Carolina.

Instead, Armstrong reflects, in many ways, the people he has come to both direct and serve. His office door is open wide. He proudly extolls his Hispanic mother’s Latin American heritage. Oh, and is that a smattering of ink peeking out from his rolled-up sleeves? At home, a Harley-Davidson waits for Armstrong to fire it up for a relaxing cruise.

“I have no doubt Pantex will be successful again,” Armstrong mulled. “People here know how to get things done. You’ve always found ways to get to ‘yes.’ So, when the opportunity came [to return to Pantex], I said, ‘yes, sign me up!’”

Armstrong’s personal synergy with the Texas Panhandle is no accident, according to NNSA Production Office Manager Teresa Robbins.

“I am so excited Jason has joined our team at Pantex,” she reflected. “When the administrator asked me if there was anyone I knew in NNSA who could do the job, I immediately thought of Jason. He is an experienced leader in DOE and NNSA. He is personable and likes to engage with people to ensure they have what they need to get the job done. He is passionate about our mission and quick to recognize successes and accomplishments. I am confident Jason is the right leader to guide Pantex and to continue the Pantex legacy of sustaining our nuclear deterrent through on-time delivery and high-quality products.”