Working with dad

  • Posted: Thursday, June 13, 2024, 8:36 am

Pantexan father and daughter, David and Madison
Pantexan father and daughter, David and Madison, share that the best part of working together is getting to see each other throughout the day.

June is the month to celebrate the fathers in our lives. Some lucky employees have the privilege of working with their fathers on‑site.

Meet Pantexans David and Madison L., father and daughter.

As a technical specialist in Process Engineering, Madison has the opportunity to see and work with her dad on a frequent basis.

“We see each other a lot since we work in the same wing of the JCDC, and we carpool to work,” said David, who is a senior specialist in Nuclear Explosive Safety. “Our roles also intersect. Being a technical specialist, she sends us [Nuclear Explosive Safety] procedures to review.”

Madison, who started at Pantex in December 2022, says her dad has always been the best role model, and she hopes to live up to the reputation that he has made for himself over the course of his 30-year career at Pantex.

“He has taught me to never give up whether in school or just in general,” Madison said. “That has helped me persevere to get to where I am today. He has shown me how to treat others no matter what environment I’m in, and that I should always be respectful and kind.”

For David, his proudest moments as a father are representative of the example he’s set for his daughter.

“Madison is a very kind and generous person with a big heart. My first proudest moment was watching her being baptized and second when she graduated from Texas Tech University in 3 years,” David said. “It showed her determination and desire to reach her goals.”