Building makeover at Pantex: three stations

  • Posted: Friday, October 16, 2015, 12:00 am

Dating back more than seven decades, some of the Pantex buildings are in need of repairs. Recently, three stations received an overhaul as a Quality of Life initiative. Problems in these facilities included insulation, rusted doors and lights and non-functioning utilities.

Station before and after

“They were simply worn out. They were freezing cold during the winter, full of dust in the spring, and hot and full of bugs in the summer,” said Debbie Weeks with Infrastructure Projects.

The renovation team overcame myriad challenges to complete the work on schedule, including changed site conditions, Panhandle weather, electrical outages, resource constraints and scheduled coordination. Success was only made possible through the commitment of the team, a high level of cooperation across departments and management support.

“The biggest challenges we faced involved the dilapidated state. Almost everything we removed or replaced revealed more problems that needed to be addressed. The team really worked together to figure out and implement the best solutions safely and efficiently,” said Weeks.

The planning phase for the project began in March of 2013. Building 1 was up first on the drawing board, and the contractor began field work in November. Despite a typical Panhandle winter, we finished before Valentine’s Day in 2014.

Building 2 followed suit, and work began in July of 2014, with completion in January 2015.

Building 3 presented some bigger challenges. An entire abandoned control bank and a trailer of wire were removed, and a functional millwork cabinet with streamlined console was installed. It received a coat of spray on insulation and was completed in July 2015.

Renovations at all three locations included new HVAC units, doors, window tint, epoxy flooring, dimmable LED lights, sidewalk lights, storage cabinets, traffic monitors, bird deterrents, pest deterrents and fixtures. Where needed, walls and ceilings were patched and painted, acoustical tiles were installed and exterior paint was applied.

“Now that the renovations are complete, many have commented especially on the comfort and functionality. The before and after pictures show the marked difference in the appearance,” added Weeks. “But to me, it went much deeper than that. Our entire team really took this project to heart and embraced the concept of improving the working conditions. It was very rewarding to us to help improve the quality of life,” said Weeks.

Cables before and after
Door sweeps before and after
AC before and after