Honoring our CNS DP Awards of Excellence recipients

  • Posted: Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 10:39 am

Two hundred and twelve Pantex and Y-12 employees were singled out by the Office of Defense Programs for setting the bar high with their work and significant contributions to sustain our nation’s defense system.

“It’s important for the Office of Defense Programs to recognize the exceptional, complex, challenging, and innovative work that employees across the enterprise carry out each day, because their contributions ensure that our stockpile — the bedrock of the nation’s security — remains safe, secure, and effective,” said Phil Calbos, acting deputy administrator for Defense Programs. “NNSA’s stockpile stewardship capability is a central part of the nuclear deterrent, and it supports national and global security.”

Recently, ceremonies were held at Pantex to honor 10 teams and at Y-12 to honor three teams of award recipients.

DP Awards of Excellence recipients have made — in any phase of the nuclear weapons life cycle process — an identifiable and significant achievement in providing increased quality; productivity; cost savings; creativity; or enhanced weapon safety, security, or use control.

“Your accomplishments are crucial to our continued success and represent Pantex and Y-12 at their best. Thank you for maintaining our can do spirit,” CNS President and Chief Executive Officer Morgan Smith said. “Our sites have made significant achievements throughout our history that we often reflect on, but your work sets the stage for our future. You’re pushing us forward daily with better ways to get the job done. Each of the 13 projects recognized by Defense Programs makes me very proud — of you, your foresight, and your dedication to our mission for the nation. Thank you.”

Pantex winning teams:

  • Automated Purchase and Ship Authorization
  • Enterprise Logistics Management System Enhancements
  • Pit Radiography Special Request for Pantex
  • W78 Tooling Improvement Startup
  • Accelerated Aging of New Production PBX-9501
  • High Explosive Pressing Debonding
  • WETL Additional Centrifuge-Drive Replacement
  • PT3854 RF PTAE Development
  • Qualification Evaluation Reports Cycle Reporting Process Improvements
  • Highly Efficient Reliable Operations Tool

Y-12 winning teams:

  • Direct Chip Melt Process Validation
  • Electronic Derivative Classifier/Reviewing Official System
  • Dismantlement Acceleration

These awards celebrate achievements across the entire Nuclear Security Enterprise and are presented in special ceremonies throughout the year at the laboratories, sites, and headquarters. During 2017, the 2016 special awards were distributed to 2,300 members across the Nuclear Security Enterprise.

The DP Awards of Excellence were established in 1982 to recognize significant individual and team accomplishments across the nuclear weapons complex in support of NNSA’s nuclear weapons program. The awards recognize significant achievements in quality, productivity, cost savings, safety, or creativity supporting NNSA’s nuclear weapons modernization program. Federal employees and contractors are eligible to win awards. An executive review panel, with equal representation from each office, selects the winners annually.

Congratulations to all 212 Pantex and Y-12 award winners!

The W78 Tooling Improvement Startup team of 26 met an aggressive schedule for new tooling to be implemented ahead of schedule and with a cost savings.
The W78 Tooling Improvement Startup team of 26 met an aggressive schedule for new tooling to be implemented ahead of schedule and with a cost savings.