CNS addresses employees’ benefits concerns

  • Posted: Thursday, March 19, 2015, 12:00 am

More than 400 Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS) employees at Pantex met with vendor representatives last week during on-site consultation sessions to address issues, questions and concerns they were experiencing with the administration of their health care benefits.

Michelle Reichert, Pantex Site Manager, viewed the consultations as a step in the right direction, “Over the past two months, many of our employees have experienced issues with the administration of their health care plans, specifically prescription drugs, medical and dental plans – this is not acceptable,” she said. “Bringing the vendor representatives to Pantex for on-site, 30-minute, one-on-one sessions gave employees a confidential setting to ask questions, address issues, get information and learn how to make their benefits work for them.”

Future health care benefits consultation sessions are also being scheduled at Y-12.

CNS is also improving its health care benefits communications and advocacy for employees. In addition, CNS is forming an internally-focused working group to review current plans and evaluate whether adjustments can be made to the plans while still meeting Department of Energy contract requirements and the future implications of the Affordable Care Act.

While changes in benefits were and remain necessary under the CNS contract, employees at Pantex and Y-12 provided feedback that the challenges faced when using their benefits were not acceptable. As a result, CNS has increased efforts to actively work with its providers and demanding more from them to address health care benefits issues.