Modernization at Pantex – Part One

  • Posted: Monday, June 20, 2022, 10:51 am

Modernization is a goal at Pantex as the site is transformed into a more modern, agile, and responsive asset for the nation. For more than a decade, the efforts to update and re-focus the vision of the future have been a major undertaking, and they are now being realized with new facilities, an expanded workforce, and an increase in production work.

There has been a large amount of both demolition and construction activities at Pantex as unused and 75-plus-year-old buildings are replaced with newer structures designed to handle increased production capabilities and bring the site up to date. The John C. Drummond Center (JCDC) is the largest and one of the newest buildings at Pantex, replacing more than 50 obsolete structures and housing more than 1,100 employees. Opened in 2018, it is already undergoing renovations to address future needs and accommodate additional employees.

Pantex Site Manager Jeff Yarbrough says, “The modernization of our stockpile means that our workload is we're adding a lot of new staff, a lot of engineers and scientists and support staff, and we need space for those people to work in. “We are repurposing a lot of the JCDC for space for CNS employees to support the modernization of the stockpile.”

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