Pantex teams recognized by NNSA

  • Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 10:36 am

Four Pantex teams were awarded the National Nuclear Security Administration NA-50 Award of Excellence for their exceptional accomplishments made in support of efforts to achieve NNSA’s mission. Members from Construction and Maintenance, Personnel Security/Access Control, Construction Management, and CNS Construction Field Engineering were recognized during a special ceremony in the Pantex John C. Drummond Center for their outstanding accomplishments involving innovation, effectiveness, teamwork, overcoming adversity and enabling future successes.

“Our people do extraordinary work every day ensuring the operability of the infrastructure at Pantex and Y-12 in support of the mission,” said Senior Director of Infrastructure Programs for CNS, Steve Laggis. “As I work with my staff on infrastructure issues we have a saying to guide our planning. That is, ‘we have to do the right things, to the right infrastructure, in the right way.’”

The team projects highlighted included a failing power transformer repaired at Pantex safely and within budget, the construction subcontractor access control process was streamlined and reduced paperwork from 31,290 pages to 2,235, Pantex and Y-12 construction work processes were consolidated setting the standard for future CNS Enterprise Manuals, and 1,024 sq. ft. of skylights were replaced for Sandia.

“The teams collaborated to do some really important things here. We very infrequently have the opportunity to give those kinds of awards out,” said Jim McConnell, NNSA Associate Administrator for Safety, Infrastructure and Operations. “I’m excited about that the work that is done here at Pantex can be recognized with these awards. I know that I will be back next year with another big stack of awards to give out for the things that are going on as we speak.”

Pantex teams recognized by NNSA