CNS supports women in STEM luncheon

  • Posted: Thursday, September 24, 2015, 12:00 am

Since the 1940s when they traded in their aprons for coveralls and gas masks, women have played a key role at the Pantex Plant. To honor their past contributions and celebrate the work they currently perform, Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC was a corporate sponsor of the recent 2015 Louise Daniel Women’s History Luncheon and Women’s Equality Day Celebration.

The sponsorship was fitting because this year’s event highlighted the work done by women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Natalie Waters, a Pantex industrial engineer, spoke about the history of local women in STEM and presented a vignette about female STEM professionals at Pantex.

“Young girls and women who live in the Panhandle today should be proud of the women pioneers who worked hard, paved the way and excelled in their STEM fields,” said Waters.

The annual event is named for Louise Daniel, a local science teacher and civic volunteer. Before her death in 2003, Daniel requested that her friends create an event to remind women of all ages about women’s historic struggles to achieve equality.

Six years ago, her friends honored this last wish by creating a women’s history lecture fund at the Amarillo College Foundation. They host a lecture and luncheon in August to coincide with Women’s Equality Day, focusing on a different facet of women’s history each year.

Louise Daniel Women’s History Luncheon

Pantex industrial engineer Natalie Waters, Ph.D., was a keynote speaker at the Louise Daniel Women’s History Luncheon. Pantex scientists and engineers attending the event included (from left) Rachel Ehler, Hannah Pemberton, Isela Galan, Erin Robinson, Raquel Barrera-Chavez, Halianne Crawford, Waters, Brandy Ramirez, Meagan Brown, Courtney Waddell, Karishma Myers, Jessie Phifer, Zelda Martinez and Ava Azores.