Together We Can feed Amarillo’s hungry

  • Posted: Monday, December 21, 2015, 12:00 am

Ask a Pantexan to help and often the reply is, “Tell me when and where.” Recently, the High Plains Food Bank in Amarillo benefitted from Pantexans’ giving hearts. A team of about 40 Pantexans and their family members packed food boxes alongside other community volunteers.

Robin McLaurin

Pantexan Robin McLaurin volunteers her time to pack a food box for the High Plains Food Bank.

The High Plains Food Bank provides food boxes for families who live in areas of the Texas Panhandle that do not have food pantries or partner agencies that provide hot meals with goods from the food bank. The food bank distributes about 1,200 boxes monthly. The Pantex team helped pack 456 boxes, which are shipped out almost as quickly as they are packed. While this event supported the food bank, the volunteers also benefited.

“Packing boxes to feed the less fortunate is a great way to give back to the community. It’s amazing how many communities that the Food Bank provides for especially since they were short in donations this year,” said Pantexan Patti Knipp.

Chelsey Westfall brought her family to help. “I’m so glad that my children and I got the opportunity to make a difference for somebody in need by helping pack food boxes for the High Plains Food bank. Hunger is everybody’s problem, and those of us who are able should all help out wherever we can,” she said.

Megan Reed, Laura Bailey, Michelle Reichert, Zach Wilson

Pantexans Megan Reed, left, and Laura Bailey, joined Pantex Site Manager Michelle Reichert, right, in presenting a donation to Zach Wilson, HPFB executive director.

CNS and the Metal Trades Council also recently joined forces to provide a donation to the High Plains Food Bank just in time for Thanksgiving. Zach Wilson, HPFB executive director, said the requests for food have greatly increased this year while donations have decreased, leaving a large gap. Michelle Reichert, CNS Vice President and Pantex Site Manager, teamed up with the MTC for a combined donation of $3,250 to help bridge the gap and meet the needs of the Texas Panhandle during the holidays.

And CNS recently served as a corporate sponsor during the High Plains Food Bank’s Together We Can food drive Dec. 7-12, providing 16,000 meals, which helped surpass the food bank’s 500,000 meal goal.

“CNS and MTC’s donations show that the company and employees support the Amarillo area and understand that the basic needs are the most important,” said Laura Bailey, Pantexan and High Plains Food Bank board member. “Hunger kills productivity and potential. Providing food helps people in our community to be healthy, active and more alert. This is especially necessary for children, who need to focus on schoolwork so that they can grow to be healthy, productive adults.”